What if through intentional choices you could infuse a reflection of who you are into your home – or even better, who you desire to be. I believe that designing spaces consciously and collaboratively with my clients, using meaningful symbolism is the way to do just that.

Welcome to Azure Elizabeth Design.

Interior Designers put a lot of thought into how every choice and decision impacts the spaces we live in. Everything from psychology to ergonomics, science and color merges together into one whole. That whole or environment says something, and functions in a specific way whether you are aware of it consciously or subconsciously.    

The key to great design is knowing how to step back and look at the whole picture. It is so easy for us to see every separate individual little element, that we can often get caught up in collecting an assortment of all these things we love. I think it is important to consider the relationship they have with one another and finding a way to tie them together. 

With so many things in life we often think we, or our life will improve, after something outside of us changes. That thinking can sometimes leave us stuck in the same patterns unable to move towards our goals. Until I became an interior designer, I didn’t realize that if you are trying to change your life, doing something intentional and positive in your environment, something that represents or supports that positive change (even if it is small) creates profound shifts that can influence and support you in manifesting the life you desire. 

When I am designing, I am looking at every relationship of every material and item going into the environment. When there is little to no relationship between design elements and they oppose each other, the space feels detached, unfinished and even unfriendly. Understanding design relationships and knowing how to use them is what creates harmony, comfort and energy in a space.

A home is your sanctuary. It should be the place that you invite only the best into your life, the people you relate to and enjoy, examples of your favorite memories, or items you love, colors and textures that exude comfort on every level. What that is for you is completely personal. 

Clients have various motivations for seeking out well-designed spaces. My feeling is that none of these motivations should supersede the priority of creating a space of supporting design elements that reflect the inner desires and values of the people who dwell there.

There are times when I try to break down the creative processes used in my projects. There isn’t always a tried and true formula though. While I know that I often create from a place of intuition, it is through inspiration that creative designs are born.

I love diversity. That is what makes my work so exciting. I get to work with people from many walks of life, who share with me their rich experiences and endearing personalities. No two clients are the same and for that reason I don’t believe in recycling the same design over and over. 

I am motivated to create unique spaces that speak to my client’s individuality. I want their environment to support and inspire who they are. I want to make their environment a place where they can find comfort as well as celebrate what they hold most dear.