A few years ago using what was available to me I began creating collections of fabrics. The fabrics and products on this page are a result of that passion, and I am still adding to the collections often. I love all styles and want to have something for every design application from, modern to traditional and everything in between.

I have always been fascinated by product design and fabric design. Pattern repeats, color combinations were all something I studied when I got the chance while earning my Interior Design degree. At one point I even researched how to get into the fabric designing business. The information I learned was daunting, and avenues to pursue it were not very promising based on my situation. At the time, there were many designers who were private labeling or investing in their own fabric lines. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes as well as risk.

During this time, I was also aware of a few companies who were printing fabric on demand for artists and customers. Other than time, it cost very little to sign up and start using the program. There was some trial and error in the process and I often had limited time to work on it. I still had a vision though of creating my own line of fabrics that I personally had designed.

My love of fabrics started at a very young age. I was five when my mother started teaching me to sew. She would give me all her fabric scraps and I would come up with creative things to make with them. I would sit at her feet while she was at her sewing machine, hand stitching my little heart out making the barbie dresses I would design with all those fabric scraps. 

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