Window DressingS

There are countless ways to counter a house’s unyielding journey toward age; we accomplish this with calm and an appreciation of imperfect beauty. In our practice, we attempt to create interior and architectural balance, design spaces that have structure, purpose, and provide places of comfort. We favor rooms that reveal themselves quietly over time and offer ease to our clients—homes of calibrated simplicity that balance the push and pull of modern life. Our approach is the same for each project: We respond first to a sense of place and persons, not a period or style; our end goal is to balance traditional and modern, aesthetics and function. We firmly believe homes can be filled with less, and still remain powerful spaces.

In designing real-life dream homes intended to last, we are attracted to homes that become broken in, not broken. We source materials that transform with light and organic textures that patina gently like metals that burnish with touch, leathers that soften, and floorboards that reveal more of a home's soul with every year. Our projects are filled with vintage furniture and rugs juxtaposed against custom upholstery, allowing homes to feel contemporary, yet classic and familiar. Employing textural earthy palettes that transition like seasons, the eyes relax into harmonious hues, and we believe such subtlety invites our clients to look closer, dig in and deepen their relationships with a space, and each other.

We expand our practice of interior design into partnerships and collaborations with leading architects, builders, landscape designers, and skilled artisans. Our office engages on every detail from early conception to completion. We actively collaborate with our clients in a process that flows through renderings, floor plan development, interior architectural detailing of kitchen and bathrooms, designing custom furnishings and floor coverings, to final installation.